How do your business systems and processes impact others?

Many jobs provide absolutely no contact at all with the people that benefit from the work; some medical professionals provide critical diagnoses without ever meeting the patient.

In Israel, a group of radiologists evaluated nearly 100 CT scans without ever seeing the patients. Three months later, a photograph of each patient was added to their CT scan and the abnormalities detected by the radiologists rose by 53 percent. Adding the photograph of the person it impacted on made a difference.

When people know how their work makes a difference, they feel more energised and contribute more, just like the radiologists did.

Think about how your business systems and processes impact others – personally:

  • By holding up payment to a supplier because they are a number to you, you could be putting another person’s mortgage payment in jeopardy.
  • If your chef serves a meal to a couple in your restaurant and one meal is considerably smaller in size than the other, one person is going to feel cheated and unhappy.

How does your product or service impact on someone’s life? Can you make it more personal ie. see a person not a number or account?  By taking a look at how your business makes an impact on others you could uncover the potential to make a difference.

Serious about your success?