Building designed for the future

Light and air are two of the key features of the design for our new building; that and ensuring the building has flexibility for future needs.

Max Edridge Architect developed the initial concept design to meet Markhams brief and Accent Architects took over at the documentation stage and oversaw construction of the 550 sq m building. Gina Jones from Accent says the end result deviated little from the original concept with the use of windows, both external and internal, letting light into the heart of the building.

Windows are double glazed and tinted for solar gain to ensure maximum energy efficiency, and electrically opened to ensure appropriate ventilation.

While presently housing individual offices, the building has been designed so internal walls, and even external windows, can be reconfigured to create larger open spaces, as and if they are required.

Amongst a number of environmental features, the building boasts unique automatic dual function storage tanks.┬áThese store water during heavy downpours so that outside soak pits aren’t overloaded, and they provide water for toilet flushing and irrigation via a small pressure pump.

Off street parking is conveniently provided for clients at the front, and for staff at the rear.

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