Becoming an employer of choice

Like the bumper stickers say: be the change you want to become. How to attract great people to you and how to keep them: the challenge is to become an employer of choice. The rewards lie in a great team who identify with your values and vision, enhanced profitability and innovation. And let’s not forget the sheer feel good factor.

Team culture
Make the environment a good place to be by creating a healthy and enjoyable working culture. This can encourage suitable employees to apply for a position in your business, right from the start. Ensure the culture complements your business. Are you trying to achieve a tight ship or a more laid back atmosphere? Check in with the culture regularly to make sure the team is happy and finding work an enjoyable place to be.

Invest in your team
Ensure up-skilling and training are available. We’ve talked about this one before and there’s a good reason. It creates loyalty in your team, can help to ignite passion and of course, can solidify employee retention. If you have the right staff on board, they’ll see it as an investment in their career and for you, it’s an investment in your business.

Follow your lead
Be a good boss. Pay your staff accordingly and review pay at regular intervals. Try to be as flexible as possible – nothing is more frustrating to an adult employee than having strict rules in place. If the work is being done and done well, there’s no need to check your watch when staff members are coming or going – allow for some freedom with start and finish times or lunch hours. Remember that your staff are human and have lives outside of the office.

Building and keeping a great team is possible. Be a better role model, communicate well by being open and listening and, most of all stay aware of your environment and your team.

Serious about your success?