Banklink Makes Accounting Simple (Winter 2008)

At the Focus Vineyard Economic Benchmarking Seminar held in May, Dan Druzianic, chartered accountant and business advisor from Markhams Hawke’s Bay briefly introduced growers to a new streamlined accounting software package that he believed was ideally suited to grape grower needs. In this article, Dan outlines the benefits further:

Perfect for growers who do not need a full scale debtors and creditors programme, BankLink is a streamlined accounting software package that makes keeping books a breeze.

BankLink brings many benefits to growers, the main advantage being cutting down time spent on manual financial reporting, allowing those extra precious hours to be spent looking after your vines.

You receive an electronic copy of your bank statement via email each month in a secure format. You then code straight onto the bank statement on your computer screen – done once. The statement is then sent electronically to your accountant with 100 percent accurate data and no further information required.

“The BankLink system is brilliant – data that would usually be input manually is now electronic, there is no need to repeat yourself as everything needs only be done once,” says Dan.

BankLink benefits

  • You no longer need to worry about missing statements with the new electronic system, or the cost and inconvenience of having to get bank replacements.
  • BankLink is cost effective, with no initial set up costs – the average cost of an account is less than $5 a month.
  • As BankLink customers, you receive regularly updated business performance reports, including cash flow reports.
  • Statement information is sent at the beginning of each month, ensuring quick completion of data processing and a tighter watch on your performance.
  • Monthly income tax and GST reports are easily generated.
  • End of year accounts are also taken care of very simply with BankLink. Your accountant can upload your information directly into their programmes, creating less expense for your business.
  • Security is top priority with electronic copies of statements being sent directly to BankLink under strict security measures. Your accountant can access a record of transactions for the nominated account, while being blocked from personal banking information. Over 2,800 accounting firms throughout New Zealand and Australia use the programme, and BankLink also supplies data for over 200,000 bank accounts.

Technical support is available for you during business hours via phone and email and sign-up is simple. Visit

Published in WINE Hawke’s Bay Winter 2008.

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