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    Our audit and assurance engagements are centred on strong relationships and tailored to suit your requirements.
  • “Barry Rosenberg was instrumental in helping us set up our family business structures and the Moore Stephens Markhams Hawkes Bay team has been part of our team for many years.  Barry ensured our structures worked for all parties; the advice he has given us around transferring ownership from one generation to another will be invaluable.”

    Mark and Chris Stoddart, Hawke's Bay
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  • “We’ve been dealing with Sharon for two years and find her easy to talk to, if we have any questions or problems we know we can contact her by phone or email and receive a quick response. She is forthcoming in helping us grow our business and having her support gives us added confidence.”

    Michelle Cooper, Cooper Farm Services, Wairarapa
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  • “After meeting Dan Druzianic through the Moore Stephens Markhams Wine Business Development Unit, we looked to the company to be our advisors. With such a diverse business, it is crucial that business advice takes into account the big picture. Moore Stephens Markhams understands our business philosophy and is responsive to our needs.”

    Adrian Parnell, Sileni Estates, Hawke's Bay
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  • “I deal with the team at Markhams Clarke Craw on a day to day basis and find them very personable and reliable. Whilst business hasn’t always been easy, Markhams Clarke Craw has been there every step of the way. They are incredibly supportive and offer constructive advice. I believe success breeds success and my philosophy is that you deal with the best people. I think we have found that in Barry O’Donnell and the team.”

    Perry Reid, Nature’s Wonder, Dunedin
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  • “When we started out, there was a lot of guidance from Bruce Stormer and reassurance that we were handling financial matters in the right way. We made the decision very early on to give Moore Stephens Markhams all of our financial matters to handle, both business and personal – both Andrew and I agreed our time was more productively spent handling legal work.”

    Scott Galloway, Hazelton Law, Wellington
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  • “Mike Flower, Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa director, is particularly good and very knowledgeable, I phone him whenever I need to and he also is called upon to advise doctors on financial matters when they require it – he relates to them very well.  Ours is a very important relationship.”

    Robyn Wilson, Finance Manager, Masterton Medical
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  • “Moore Stephens Markhams has been very involved in what we do. They were very supportive when we were finding our way around CashManager. All the team has been vital in helping us with this huge learning curve.”

    George Williams, Grassendale Station, Wairarapa
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  • “Daniel Piebenga has been there for us from the start when we didn’t know very much about running a business. He made sure we were doing everything on time and double-checking it was correct, he was always accessible. Markhams Clarke Craw has been a very good partner; they have gone out of their way to support us. They stand for what the Otago market is about, which is looking after their clients.”

    Nathan Pattison, Fluid Recruitment, Dunedin
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  • We use Xero and share access with Mike so he can keep an eye on things and keep our business on track. He eyeballs reports and points out things we may have missed. He’s proactive and takes care of our bigger financial picture. Having someone who’s interested in the success of our business rather than just crunching numbers is great.”

    Scott Bensemann, Teletronics, Wairarapa
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  • “We underwent a major accounting structural change within the business and I worked with Moore Stephens Markhams very closely to facilitate it. Craig Hemphill was invaluable in helping us through that process. He’s on hand if I need him whether it’s for advice or to brainstorm an idea. We’ve developed a very good working relationship over the years – it’s very easy.”

    Sue Taylor, Auckland Medical Research Foundation
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  • “Having your accountant understand your business and you as a business operator is crucial to the relationship,” says Andrew. “Being located on the other side of the world means I cannot just go to an office to get something explained, so I need to be able to understand the advice that is given to me. Gray Hughson, Moore Stephens Markhams Wellington consultant gives clear concise advice, which allows me to understand the processes immediately.”

    Andrew Meo, Rocket Espresso, New Zealand and Italy
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  • “We knew of Moore Stephens Markhams Auckland legal specialist, Sam Bassett and of his expertise in succession planning within the legal industry.  Our firm wanted someone with their finger on the pulse, good commonsense and someone who valued integrity and discretion as we do.  Sam had a reputation as being very good at all that.”

    Jackson Russell Business Law Partners, Auckland
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  • “Alistair is good at coming in with a ‘big picture’ view and we have good discussions around how to structure the business with him. We include him in all major decision making (including our succession plan) and value his input.”

    Andrew Bunny, Black Rock, Wairarapa
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  • “Moore Stephens Markhams Auckland director Sam Bassett is knowledgeable and approachable. If I have any problems or questions I can easily talk to him. The firm does a lot of our tax work in the background and are the middle-man between us and the IRD. They make a lot of helpful suggestions.”

    Paul Leary, Hutchwilco, Auckland
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  • “I’m so flat out looking after people’s health that I rely on Warwyck Dewe and the Moore Stephens Markhams team to keep me on the straight and narrow, and to meet all financial deadlines. I’ve worked with Warwyck Dewe for 14 years and he has always provided realistic advice and ideas on how to move ahead.”

    Barbara Hawkins-Falk, Gonville Pharmacy, Wanganui
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  • Well-known Canterbury landscape design and construction company Goom Landscaping is now a pool design and installation specialist, with the recent purchase of Compass Pools’ Christchurch dealership.

    Goom’s Anthony Washington and Tim Goom say the addition of Compass Pools to the Goom family, which also includes the Little Big Tree Nursery wholesale and retail operation, means customers will now have a full-service landscaping option for their pool design and to create the perfect outdoor spaces.

    “We have worked closely alongside Compass Pools for many years through our landscaping business and know it’s the best pool on the market. So, when the opportunity arose to purchase the Christchurch dealership, we leapt at it,” says Anthony.

    Compass Pools have been around for more than 20 years in New Zealand, a brand that is renowned for its ceramic composite technology and Vantage self-cleaning system.

    “Because of this technology, we can offer a lifetime structural warranty on our pools, which is fantastic. And the Vantage automated cleaning system means people can enjoy less time cleaning and maintaining the pool, and more time enjoying it,” adds Tim.

    When a pool is designed, often landscaping is an afterthought. By offering a “one stop shop”, the Goom team ensures the outdoor space is maximised from both design and value points of view. It also creates a cohesive offering for them and their clients.

    “Every pool needs a minimum of landscaping in order to make it work with your home, your outdoor space and your lifestyle,” says Anthony. “Designing the pool and the landscaping as a whole makes for a more cohesive, complementary space.”

    Helping Goom with the purchase of the pool business were Moore Stephens Markhams director Mike Willetts who sits on Goom’s advisory board.

    “Graeme Rhodes, a director at the firm, basically joined the dots for us. When he had his Compass pool installed, we were on site designing and constructing the surrounding landscaping and it was through this relationship that he gave us the opportunity to make the initial approach and begin the purchase process.”

    Mike guided Anthony and Tim through the negotiation of the business and conducted the due diligence, working closely with the Goom team throughout the process.

    “The important things for us were getting to a dollar value we were comfortable with, and then being able to negotiate effectively,” explains Anthony.

    “Moore Stephens Markhams helped us considerably during this process, as well as doing the financial due diligence, which included a valuation of the Compass business and evaluation of its systems and processes, Mike also helped us significantly with our strategic planning during the acquisition phase.”

    The addition of the Christchurch Compass dealership means the Goom business is expanding, increasing its workforce who work between both companies.

    “The best thing is that our business is growing, and our customers are benefiting. With summer approaching, demand is high already and more Cantabrians will be able to cool off in their new pool when the mercury rises. We are in the swim!”



    Published winter 2019.

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  • “I’ve known James for many years and when we went looking for a café we brought him on board. When it came to buying the business and setting us up as a company, he helped us to make all the financial decisions. The Moore Stephens Markhams Wanganui team provides fantastic support – there’s no making appointments – it’s all face to face, which you probably wouldn’t get from any other accounting business. What they give us is priceless.”

    Stuart Belk, The Yellow House Café, Wanganui
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  • “Our relationship with Graeme Rhodes, Moore Stephens Markhams Christchurch director began in 2006. Dealing with the insurance after the earthquake was a complex process and a lot of financial information and projections were required. Graeme was instrumental in getting us through that process. He was a true business advisor, which is very important particularly when you are going through a very stressful time.”

    Andrew and Cherine Macdonald, Valasay Holdings, Christchurch
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  • “The partners were all very much satisfied with the results achieved at the planning day and were very happy with Sam Bassett and his approach. He had great insight into our business, offered fresh ideas and has the same values about good client service.”

    Chris Mayes, Cooney Lees Morgan, Tauranga
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Audit and assurance services

Whether you’re grappling with global market risks, starting a local business or need assurance that your financial information is true, fair and accurate, our specialist audit and assurance team has the expertise, experience and resources to provide efficient and effective audit and assurance services.

We understand that every organisation is different with its own unique requirements, which is why, whether you’re a multinational company, a small business, or a not-for-profit organisation, we’ll tailor our audit and assurance services to meet your specific needs.

Part of a national group of independent firms, we have specialist audit and assurance services in four locations around the country with clients nationwide, while being part of Moore Stephens International gives us access to global services as, and when, our clients need them.


Audit and assurance services

Whatever the size or requirements of your organisation, we deliver robust and compliant audit and assurance services with integrity, objectivity, independence and adherence to professional standards, regulations and laws.

Our specialist audit and assurance services include:

  • Audits of financial statements and performance reports
  • Review engagements
  • Due diligence assignments
  • Financial reporting and disclosure services
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Real estate trust account audits
  • Anti-money laundering / Countering finance of terrorism audits
  • Special purpose audits.


For each audit and assurance assignment we will:

  • Take the time to understand your needs and determine the services you require
  • Involve you in our audit planning
  • Employ a risk-based assessment process to focus our approach
  • Communicate with you throughout all phases of the assignment
  • Keep you up-to-date with changing legislation and reporting environments
  • Provide insights into potential improvements within your internal controls.

To download a booklet on preparing for an audit, click here.



To assist our clients in preparing for an audit or review we have prepared the following brochures:


Many organisations can now choose between an audit or review, to help you decide which assurance choice is right for you, please read our brochure: Choosing an audit or review.


Our clients

We are experienced in delivering financial statement audits and reviews to a diverse range of New Zealand organisations, industries and sectors.

Our audit client base includes:

  • New Zealand and overseas-owned trading companies
  • New Zealand subsidiaries of overseas companies
  • National and local trade associations
  • Service organisations
  • Not-for-profit organisations including charities and incorporated societies
  • Kindergartens
  • Childcare centres
  • Kohanga Reo
  • School audits on behalf of the Office of the Auditor General
  • Real estate agencies
  • Industry training organisations.


Audit locations

With audit firms in Auckland, Wairarapa, Wellington and Christchurch our team has the extensive experience and knowledge required to provide our clients with the audit and assurance services available.

Being an independent member firm of Moore Stephens allows us to call upon the resources of our nationwide and global contacts to deliver effective and efficient audit and assurance services.

Serious about your success?