After-work drinks

A recent study found that up to one in five office workers enjoys going for a drink with co-workers at least once a month.

This begs the question as to whether after-work drinks are good for a person’s career. Although there is clearly no direct link, there can be undeniable benefits to socialising with co-workers outside work hours. Although it may seem like an extension of the work day, do not underestimate the value of staying for a drink, even if just one.

The study found 82 percent of people relished the chance to bond with teammates, whilst 11 percent of those questioned stated that their reason for attending was to spend time with and get to know their boss in a not so serious environment.

Not a drinker? Well, that’s fine! There are no rules that say you must drink alcohol, grab a non-alcoholic bevvie and enjoy the time spent with co-workers.

A more casual atmosphere can allow colleagues to get to know each other better. But remember to keep it professional, you do not want to be the talk of the office for the wrong reason. Have fun but know your limits. It can be your chance to make an impression on co-workers, but make sure it is a positive one.

Published autumn 2018.

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