We’re a social bunch

And you can now find us tweeting and snapping on Twitter and Instagram!

Social media is all around us today with everyone keeping in touch with the latest news, job offers and information via different platforms.

As accountants, we do love to pick up the good old telephone and call our clients or even better have a chat face to face with a bikkie or two… and we think it’s time we stepped it up a notch to make things a little fun and futuristic.

Being up with the play will enable us to create and share content across all levels… showing you some of the antics that happen around the office at Markhams Otago, down to the nitty gritty tax changes you all love and importantly need to know about! We would also like to make this an opportunity to mix and mingle our clients, maybe get a snap of your business and some information to tweet about to let others know our clients are all pretty cool. Nothing wrong with a bit of free advertising right! Also we have heard hashtags are cool so let’s throw one in there… #beancounters  Check us out, click the ‘follow’ button if you dare.

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